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  • $115.95

Patriot Suspension's MULTIRATE Fork Spring Kits are produced from the best spring materials available. They are precision wound and stress relieved. All our forks are mechanically polished. In our Multirate Fork Springs, each inch they are compressed their rate increases which enables them to handle some of the more unpredictable road conditions without sacrificing ride quality. (Also available, Multirate Fork Spring Lowering Kits)

Our new GENISIS SERIES Fork Spring Kits exemplify our "Soft Ride, No Dive" policy and takes it to the next level. The Genisis Series is specially designed to provide you with the same quality ride as a normal Patriot Spring but with a new twist. The Genisis Series dual spring set contains our specially designed Multirate outer spring and a one of a kind Genisis inner spring that are assembled together to make the Genisis Series. With the Genisis Series design we are able to provide a soft smooth ride for the normal riding conditions without the risk of suspension dive. (Also available, Genisis Series Fork Spring Lowering Kits)

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