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  • $649.00

The FOX Dyna GRIP STREET PERFORMANCE FORK CARTRIDGE KIT will transform your bike into a road gripping machine. FOX’s cartridge and spring kits use linear rate springs that maintain the same support throughout the fork’s travel and won’t dive when you brake or wallow when you corner. The cartridge’s opposed-piston design creates a sealed system to prevent air from mixing into the oil, resulting in consistent damping control no matter how long you ride. Additionally, the cartridge’s spring-loaded upper piston moves easily to absorb even the smallest bumps, unlike gas-charged designs that can create internal friction and a harsh ride. All these elements come together to give you a ride that is silky smooth and never intimidated by a set of twisty corners.

Combine the FOX GRIP STREET PERFORMANCE FORK CARTRIDGE KIT with the FOX STREET PERFORMANCE QS3-QSR REAR SHOCK SET FOR HARLEY  to get the total solution in comfort and control for your bike.

Features Model-specific ride tune
Works with existing forks to maintain original look
Speed-sensitive closed cartridge damping control
Tuned for improved rider comfort and cornering control
Linear spring rates support the fork with consistent force, reducing brake dive
Fully rebuildable and re-valvable
Options Standard: Up to 240lbs total ride load
Reservoir Internal Floating Piston (IFP)
Ride Height Standard
Spring Weight Standard: Recommended for up to 240lbs total ride load

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