. Ohlins HD772 FLH/FLT Non-Piggyback Rear Shocks – Bulletproof Cycles
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Ohlins HD772 FLH/FLT Non-Piggyback Rear Shocks

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This shock is a 13" shock that fits all HD Touring Motorcycles 1990-Newer including Street Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings and Ultras. This is Ohlins new Blackline series shock. It still has the Ohlins quality in a new black style. It is a single-tube dividing piston pressurizing system (gas & oil do not mix) shock with pre-load and damping adjustability. Factory shocks are 13" for HD Touring bikes EXCEPT 2006-2016 Street Glides which are 12".


This shock can be adjusted in height by +/-3/16 of an inch. Long known for its iconic yellow and gold designs, Öhlins unveil the new ‘Blackline’ range of striking products for the Harley Davidson market. The new ‘Blackline’ shocks are available for Harley Davidson twin shock machines. The new shocks have been intensively tested and developed for the Harley Davidson range, and with a final design touch to fit the looks of these machines. Although predominantly black, the shocks are still unmistakably Öhlins; through the use of gold detailing, which offers a very striking contrast on the suspension units. Produced using Öhlins’ world-renowned R&D team, the emphasis on these custom applications has been on smooth ride comfort and high quality. Able to withstand extreme temperature ranges and heavy loads, these shocks offer consistently high performance, ideal for cruising and touring in all conditions and improve the riding experience further.

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