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Ohlins FKC-101 Cartridge Kit Touring Bikes

  • $1,266.00

This first-ever Bagger Fork Kit from Öhlins provides an incomparably balanced suspension package, never before available for H-D Touring motorcycles, when installed in conjuction with a set of Öhlins shocks.

As described by Tomas Andersson, Manager MC R&T Aftermarket at Öhlins Racing AB, “The goal with the FKC 101 project was to create a high-end cartridge damping system with great performance, to a reasonable price for the Harley-Davidson Touring front forks. The kit is the same concept we use for our hyper-sport front forks, but with a smaller piston. For this application we focused on vehicle control, and a smooth ride.”

The Öhlins FKC 101 Cartridge Kit features the high-end internal components of 8 mm steel shafts, aluminum damper tubes, and 25 mm pistons. The kit has NIX-type damping: one fork leg has compression only, while the other leg takes care of rebound only. By segregating compression from rebound, the NIX-type system maximizes the damping that’s available within the confined diameter of a fork leg.

The FKC 101 has no external adjustors due to FLH/FLT fork-leg mounting requirements. Optional spring rates are available for rider weights, preferences, and motorcycle use.

25 mm Pistons
NIX Segregated Damping:
Compression Left Leg, Rebound Right Leg
Aluminum Damping Tubes
Alternative Spring Rates
Improved feel, Increased Control

Our kit includes everything needed for install:

Ohlins FKC-101 Cartridge kit setup for your riding style

Ohlins Fork Cartridge springs setup for your weight

Ohlins Fork Oil

3 Special Install Tools

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