. Feuling HP+ ADJUSTABLE PUSH RODS, 0.095 Wall thickness, TC 99-15 – Bulletproof Cycles
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Feuling HP+ ADJUSTABLE PUSH RODS, 0.095 Wall thickness, TC 99-15

  • $189.95

• Maintain maximum valve lift!
• Increased stiffness and column rigidity maximizing valve-train stability, increasing engine RPM horsepower and torque output.
• Tapered 7/16 4130 chrome moly adjustable pushrods, use a minimal adjustment parameter eliminating flex and loss of valve train-stability problems associated with most adjustable pushrods.
• Individual length intake & exhaust pushrods keep the adjustment extension to a minimum
• Designed to exceed the needs of performance engines using larger lift camshafts and high spring pressures, while maintaining proper and critical oil flow to top end valve gear.
• CNC machined with 32 thread per inch adjustment, Double jam nut lock system, HP+® pushrod wall thickness 0.095,
RACE SERIES® wall thickness .120- recommended when extreme spring pressures are used
• Designed for use with hydraulic or solid lifters and street or race engines
• These pushrods require removal of rocker covers and rocker arm supports
• FEULING® pushrods

TC 99-15, Tapered 7/16 0.095 Wall thickness, Individual length, require removal of top rocker cover and rocker housing for installation, Use factory pushrod tubes

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