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The Odin Gauntlets – Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves

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The world is a diverse place and so are the weather patterns. If you live in a warmer climate where the winters aren’t as cold as your northerly neighbors then you’re on the right page, keep reading below.  If your winter riding stretch is really cold, then check out our THINSULATE©️ lined Odin Gauntlets for that extra edge.

Every proven detail that helped put our Odin Originals and Heavy Hitters on the map as a leading glove contender went into the design. Along with new extended length leather cuffs and lock down zippers to seal off the air, The Odin Gauntlets are the prime glove for battling the cold and extending your riding season.

And it turns out that what’s good for the hands is also good for the brain. Check this out 👇

UCLA Researchers found that 20-minute motorcycle rides increased riders’ heart rates by 11% and adrenaline levels by 27%. These values are similar to what would be experienced when performing some light exercise. They also noted there was a 28% decrease in cortisol and other biomarkers of stress.

So add these gloves to your arsenault if want to push it later into the season and avoid the early onset of motorcycle separation anxiety.

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