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Roadglide VT-Bars with Gauge Relocation

  • $385.00

These are our VT-Bars, designed specifically for the 15+ roadglides to relocate the stock gauges.  On Pre-15 Road glides you can cut the nacelle without relocating gauges.  

29" wide with 2.5" pullback in the bars with 1" pullback in the risers.  100% Tig welded DOM tubing also available in Stainless and Chromemoly. With spacious internal wiring slots that we weld a bead on, so you never pinch, cut, or short a wire.  These bars were made with the installer in mind, all threads deburred and smoothed for easy threading of riser bolts.  TBW ready these will be the easiest bars you ever installed!

Since our bars are 29" wide you can run 15" tall bars with stock cables and wires.


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