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Öhlins HD756 BLACKLINE - 13 3/8"

  • $1,499.00

FITS FXR 1990-2000 & SPORTSTER 2004-2012.  Can be revalved for Dyna +$120

This shock is a 13 1/4" shock that the ride height can be adjusted by +/-3/8 of an inch. This is the Ultra Ultimate shocks for the long rider. This shock is adjustable and is cooler running. It offers an enhanced feel, feedback and rider-input response. Never packs down under hard braking! It allows better control through tighter cornering, steering precision, enhanced road-speed tracking and bump compliance. Comfort is also enhanced with a longer stroke for bottoming resistance and exceptional damping to manage weight shift.

The Öhlins Blackline are a classic monotube design, featuring all the classical Öhlins qualities delivering top notch ride comfort and performance for your bike. Available in dividing piston or piggyback versions, depending on application, it can also be specified with a number of different damping adjustment options with or without length adjustment.

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