. Honda Grom S1R Full System (2014-2016) – Bulletproof Cycles
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Honda Grom S1R Full System (2014-2016)

  • $529.98

Like all of our products, our Grom full exhaust system was developed to surpass what is offered on the market today. Engineered to compliment the quality and performance of Honda’s products, this handcrafted system delivers unparalleled sound and performance for the ultimate race experience.

Exhaust Features:

    • Carbon Fiber
    • Teflon Coated Magnesium End-Cap
    • Stamped Spring-Fit Inlet
    • Aluminum CNC Machined outlet
    • Rubber-Lined Styled Mount
    • Spiral-Wound Perforated Core 
    • Unparalleled Sound

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