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Bulletproof Front Crash Bar Bagger

  • $330.00

Ditch that ugly, weak, stock square crash bar for our Bulletproof Crash Bar!  Fully Tig welded .095 wall DOM tubing, ARP hardware, and assorted length delrin sliders to fit your needs!  We designed this like everything else Function first, awesome ground clearance for canyon smashing, or drifting.  With assorted length delrin sliders available you can have a more narrow setup for lane splitting, or super wide for the open road or full time stunting.

Our NEW V2 Bulletproof Front Crash Bars are the strongest and best crash protection available for your Bagger! 

- We use all DOM .095" wall tubing, the same used on roll cages for race cars. 

- We use Delrin sliders at the impact points instead of metal, to let the bike slide smoothly to a stop without catching and flipping the bike into a highside causing more damage, and possibly landing on you.  

- The smooth bends, and triangular joints for the most rigid and strong design possible, while maintaining ground clearance for cornering.

- 100% TIG welded for strength by an xray certified aerospace welder.

- We include all ARP Hardware to ensure there are no weak points due to cheap hardware, we have never had a failure of ARP Bolts.

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