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Bulletproof Chain Kit 2006-08 Bagger

  • $500.00

The Bulletproof Cycles Bulletproof Chain kit is the strongest, and most durable chain drive conversion kit on the planet!  Our bolt on carrier design for the rear sprocket is superior to cheap spacers with extra long bolts that are prone to snapping.  Using 100% hardened steel PBI Sprockets, EK ZVX3 Chain, Billet aluminum carrier, and ARP hardware this is the best of the best.

**NOTE** Please check to make sure your bike has a bolted on pulley, this is a transitional period for Harley and some baggers will have cush drive as early as 2007.  It's literally a crap shoot what your bike will have, if there are no visible bolts you have a cush drive and need the 09+ kit.  If you are unsure please email us pictures of your pulley and we will help you out.

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