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Fueling / ARP Stainless External Engine Fastener Kits for Harleys

  • $379.95

• Top engine builders demand quality fasteners! Secure your engine with complete confidence.

  • Quality 12-point heat-treated 8740 chrome moly steel bolts are SHOW polished with corrosion-resistant finish
  • Feature precision-rolled threads for optimum engagement, to prevent galling and promote more consistent torque loading
  • Wide underhead flange design provides even load distribution for optimum sealing of surfaces, preventing leaks
  • Tensile strength rated @ 170,000 psi; superior and stronger than OEM and stronger than grade 8 fasteners
  • Manufactured by ARP® to Feuling’s® exact specifications
  • All kits include moly assembly lubricant for installation
  • Applicable washers included
  • Made in the U.S.A.

M8 Softail External Engine

8 Cover for front & rear Lifters
9 Cam Cover
20 Cover for Rocker Front & Rear
20 Washers
2 Center Head Bolts / Horn/ Engine mount
4 Oil Line Mounting Bases
2 Front Head Mount Bolts
2 Front Head Stabilizer Mount Bolts W/ HD Washer
4 Exhaust Studs
4 Exhaust Nuts
12 Case Bolts
2 3/8 Heavy Duty Washer
1 Ultra Torque Lube

Twin Cam: Cam cover, Lifter blocks, Rocker box, Case bolts, Oil filter adapter, Crank sensor, Exhaust studs, needed washers, moly lube and loctite. Fits T/C 99-16 A & B Motors

EVO Engines 85-99:  Front engine mount, front case mount, rear engine to trans mount, oil filter adapter mount, upper oil pump, cam cover, case nuts (use factory bolts), rocker covers with sealing washers, moly paste and Loctite for installation.

XL SPORTSTER Engines 04 - Present: Right side cover, lifter blocks, rocker covers, front engine mount, case bolts, crank sensor, required washers, Allen head button screws for points cover and moly paste for installation

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