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Antigravity ATZ7 RE-START Battery Grom/Z125

  • $129.99

The NEW Antigravity ATZ-7-RS is a hi-power lightweight Lithium-Ion battery, built with our groundbreaking RESTART Technology (built-in jump-starting) so you won’t ever get stranded with a dead battery again! Directly replaces the OEM YTZ7S, YTZ5 and others. 90% of off-road bikes use this size as well as some street bikes.

  • YTZ7S case size
  • 150 Cranking Amps
  • 7 Amp Hours (Pb Eq)
  • 1.3 lbs

    NEW! ATZ7-RS

    RE-START Series: FIRST Batteries with Built-In Jump-Starting!

    OEM Size Lithium Battery (Direct Replacement)

    Never again worry about getting stranded with a dead battery! Antigravity Batteries introduces the groundbreaking “RE-START (RS)” line of batteries – the first batteries with built-in jump starting! The revolutionary ATZ-7 RE-START Battery intelligently monitors its status, and just before going completely dead puts itself to sleep with just enough energy to get your vehicle started again. Simply press the RE-START button located on the battery, start your vehicle and drive away… No more dead battery emergencies or being stranded! Watch video.

    The new ATZ-7 Re-Start Battery is an extremely lightweight and high-power Lithium-Ion replacement for the heavy lead/acid battery found in many motorcycles including most every Enduro bike on the market. Additionally, the new ATZ-7 offers the first FULL Battery Management System (BMS) found on a Powersport Battery and includes low-voltage cut-off, over discharge, over-charge, and thermal protections with real time lithium-ion cell balancing.


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