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2018-2022 Passenger Peg Crash Bar / Frame Slider

  • $249.00

Our new Passenger Peg Crashbars/ frame sliders work for the new 2018 Softail / Dyna models and work great in conjunction with our Highway Peg Crash Bar. This fully TIG welded assembly takes place of your standard passenger pegs. The width is very similar to the stock passenger pegs, which is just slightly higher then the stock location.  They also bolt up to the same location as your passenger pegs.  The ends of the bar feature replaceable Delrin pucks to keep the bike slipping over the pavement as opposed to taking hold of it. The standard gripple style ends ensures your passenger has some grip on their feet and reduces scratching so they stay looking good long after they are installed.  When this crash bar is used along side our front crash bar, it makes it very hard to get the bike to roll over completely to contact the handlebars and tank. In fact, instead of falling completely over, it tends to keep the bike propped up and off the ground, making it great for practicing lower speed stunts without risk of damage to the bike or just for some extra insurance to keep your bike protected.   Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


  • Made of Mild Steel
  • Fully TIG Welded
  • Powder Coated Gloss Black
  • Sold as a kit

Note for Saddlebag Models:

For the lower bag mount you would take the stock bracket that is in the same location as the crashbar plate and use it overtop of the crashbar mounting plate.  To get it to clear you would remove the plastic bushing from the bracket and bolt to opposite side of the plate you just took it off of and flip the bracket 180 degrees, this should put the bracket in a relation that clears the crashbar.  

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