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Bulletproof Chain Drive Conversion Kit for 09+ Touring / Bagger

  • $1,076.95


This is our Bulletpoof Bagger Chain Drive Conversion kit for 2009+ cush drive bikes.  We use our PBI Front sprocket, Alloy Art Gen 2 Cush Drive Conversion rear Sprocket, and the strongest chain available EK 530 ZVX3.  This is the strongest and most thought out kit available for your cush drive bagger.  Stock gearing is 25 tooth front and 51 tooth rear sprocket.  We highly recommend you use the Alloy Art Super Cush drive damper with this kit to get the best power transfer to the rear wheel!

  • Light weight CNC-machined aluminum carrier featuring a large indicating and locking octagon shape,

  • 1026 medium-to-high carbon steel CNC-machined sprocket ring fastened into place by 8 ARP 12 pt stainless bolts.

  • Available with machine finish aluminum carrier or black anodized aluminum carrier, with black or gold 51 tooth or 53 tooth nitride steel sprocket.

  • Includes: Front sprocket, chain, ARP bolts, two bearings, bearing spacer, and an Alloy Art Super Crush Drive.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Please email if you want any other color combinations we can do custom orders as well.

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