. 1FNGR’s HD-Clutch Perch 14+ Sportster – Bulletproof Cycles
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1FNGR’s HD-Clutch Perch 14+ Sportster

  • $155.00


1FNGR’s HD-Clutch Perch is designed for Harley Davidson application and incorporates the following.

  • 2 finger & 4 finger lever length options
  • Built in mirror adapter
  • Easier pull over OEM by (30%) average
  • Partial protective cover built in to keep out debris
  • Japanese sealed bearings for exceptionally smooth pull
  • Smooth lever designs for improved comfort during usage
  • Fit standard 1” diameter bars
  • Made from 6061 aluminum / stainless steel bolts
  • Clutches come with tool for install

 *Works only for Motorcycles with clutch cable. Not for Hydraulic.

Neutral Safety Switch Should be found on back of your control panel:

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